Review: Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford

Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford

Let me begin by saying that Ashley C. Ford is a force to be reckoned with. Her name is one you should know. Her story is one that deserves to be heard around the world. 

I am in complete awe of her debut novel, “Somebody’s Daughter”. I didn’t know how I could possibly encourage someone to read this by writing a review, but once I sat down to do so, all of my thoughts and emotions tied to this book came pouring out on the page. 

I closed 2021 by devouring this book from cover to cover. I almost never reread books, but if I had to do so, this one would be it.

Ashley’s writing feels like a cozy embrace after a long bout of loneliness. It emulates the warmth of a fire, a hot cocoa with a million mini marshmallows, a home-cooked meal. It feels like coming home.

I want to take this book everywhere with me, recommend it to all the people I know, and write a thousand glowing reviews about how deeply it touched me and how it will stay with me forever. 

However, none of that will do this book justice. The only way to know how beautiful it is is by reading or listening to it yourself. It will not disappoint. 

Ashley seamlessly tells her story of her upbringing in Fort Wayne, Ind., her tumultuous relationship with her mother, and her father’s imprisonment. Those are the main topics she describes; however, this book is so. much. more.

It is resoundingly authentic and intricately written; it is a constant push and pull of love and pain, and what that means, and how to love yourself and all you have no matter what life brings your way. 

I am so sad it is over, but I am happy to have read this. I have been living under a rock, and have not yet heard of Ashley until I saw this as a Book of the Month choice. I was originally drawn to the fact that her story takes place in Fort Wayne, but after reading it, that is the least compelling fact about this book. She has podcasts or other writings from Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and The New York Times, to list a few. I am now going to inhale every other piece of work she has out there in the world. 

We can all learn something from Ashley and her story. Her overwhelming strength and poise is so impressive and beautiful. I hope she continues to write more about her life because I will continue to read it. 



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